The RCBS Projects’ Report

by Service Chair for 2015-2016 PP Raphael Devianne

July 1st 2015

               Cleft and Craniofacial Operations  Supporting Yayasan Senyum, The Smile Foundation

Outline :

The Smile Foundation (Yayasan Senyum) was founded by RCBS’ honorary member, Mary Northmore, in 2005. The Foundation provides funding for operations and the necessary support for children and young adults, who need surgical intervention for cleft lip/palate and/or other serious craniofacial disabilities. Many patients require a number of operations to complete their treatment. Children, who are lucky enough to have the operations, are able to live healthier and more productive lives. 

A single operation costs approximately US$ 500 to US$ 1,000.

The RCBS has helped to support the ‘The Smile Foundation’ since 2007.  


 Project Activity

(a) On 22 February 2014, the RCBS held a fundraising dinner dance at the Cocoon Beach Club in Seminyak.  This event was organized by the ‘Have a Heart’ Fundraising Committee comprising of Rtns. PN. Barbara, P. Raphaël, PE. Doris, Marie-Francoise, SaA. Sally, Virginie, PP. John G. and Jorg. The function successfully raised IDR 185 million (US$ 16,285). On 26 March 2014, during a vocational tour of the Neka Musium,Ubud, President Raphael proudly presented a cheque for IDR 185,000,000  to HM. Mary Northmore for the Smile Foundation.

(b) On 2 April 2014, Rtn. Steffen announced that he had visited several Rotary Clubs in Germany and had raised EUR 950 (IDR 15,000,000) from these clubs. He also received two further donations, one of EUR 13,300 (IDR 211,000,000) from the ‘Tools for Life Foundation’ and another from ‘The EIN HERZ FUR KINDER’ (A Heart Foundation for children in Germany) for the amount of EUR 54,500 (IDR 860,000,000). 

Thus, in total, Rtn. Steffen raised  EUR 68,750 (US$ 95,850 / IDR 1,085,000,000) for the Yayasan Senyum. In recognition of this outstanding fundraising effort, the RCBS Board made Rtn. Steffen a Paul Harris Fellow.  President Raphael proudly presented him with his Paul Harris Fellow Pin on 16 April 2014.

(c) On 10th April 2015, RCBS held another incredible "Have a Heart" Fundraising evening in the Ballroom of The Trans Resort, Bali. Musical Cabaret Entertainers (who performed "gratis") from Hong Kong were flown in especially for the evening and captivated the audience with a wonderful range of songs. Over 200 people attended this event and approx. Rp.280 Million was raised to benefit the SMILE foundation. Grateful thanks to Team Leader Rtn.PP John Glass for leading another successful RCBS event.


 The Helen E. Newman Scholarship Program/Helen E. Newman Tertiary Scholarship Program 
(Project Chair: PP Raphael)

Outline of the Project:

This project was initiated in 2010 in coordination with the ‘Friends of National Parks Foundation’ (FNPF) by the late Rtn. Helen E. Newman, who sadly passed away on 21st April 2014. In honor of her memory and her enormous contribution to this project, the name of this project was changed to ‘The Helen E. Newman Scholarship Program.’  

The RCBS provides scholarships for students, who come from impoverished backgrounds.  General preference is given to high school students, which is where most students need assistance. 

There are currently thirty students receiving a two-year high school scholarship in Nusa Penida. 

Nusa Penida is an extremely impoverished island southeast of Bali. Water is scarce and very little can grow, making a living there is extremely limited. The chances, therefore, of children from this island ever attending high school and possibly going on to further education is remote without this project’s assistance.

The cost for one year of schooling is Rp.2.4 Million which covers school fees, uniforms, books and transport costs.

 Project activity:

Currently, 30 students have nearly finished their final semester (2015-2016) successfully with good grades. 10 students will graduate from their high school in July 2016. 

The RCBS will shortly start the selection process. 

The RCBS Board has also  provided further education for 3 students, who wish to continue their studies after graduating from High School.  There are several colleges available in Bali, which provide one-year courses in practical skills like computer operation, car garage mechanic, tourism/hospitality. Such skills will give graduates better opportunities in the job market and may even allow them to fill supervisory positions.

One graduate student doing mid-wifery at university is being funded by the Juliana Rosenboom Memorial Fund.


Elementary School Classroom Library Project 
(Project Chair: CP T. Patrick van Kampen)

Outline of Project:

The RCBS members had in mind that Indonesian children were seldom given an opportunity of reading books for pleasure. They were also aware of how important it is was for books to be given to schools to encourage children to read at an early age. 

Therefore in 2005, several members of the RCBS visited a number of elementary school principals in the Seminyak area and enquired about offering assistance with their libraries. The RCBS members discovered that these schools did not have any libraries and that  no government funds had ever been allocated towards building separate library rooms, buying library books and paying for librarian salaries. The Elementary School Classroom Library Project was therefore established to help with this problem. 

During the past six years, the RCBS has provided 600 reading books to ten different elementary schools in Bali (ages 6-11 years). The cost of each set of books is currently US$ 300 (or US$ 1,800 for one school of six classrooms). In order to make this project possible, the RCBS has been working closely with the Gramedia Book Store, located on Jln. Gatot Subroto, Denpasar.

     Project Activity

In order to pay for the books, the RCBS organizes a Bike-A-Fund every October. In 2013, the Bike-A-Fund raised IDR 24 million. The balance of funds needed (IDR 12 million) were secured through a District Grant and individual donations.

On Saturday, 29 March 2014, Rtns. CP. Patrick , P Raphaël, PE. Doris, SaA .Sally, Lusi, PP. John G. and visiting Rtn., Dr. Peter Little, attended the distribution of 600 library books to SD2 Sading and SD3 Sading in Mengwi.

Both schools were elated to receive the books and one school sang a welcome song for the Club members. 

During the presentation to each school, CP. Patrick delivered six plastic boxes, each containing 100 books costing IDR 3 million. Each box is allocated to a particular class level within the school. 


RCBS GOAT pilot project on the island of NUSA PENIDA  with ‘Friends of the National Parks Foundation’ (“FNPF”)
(PP Anita Lococo Project Chair)

Outline of the Project:

Nusa Penida is an island close to Bali, which has little industry, the land is dry and arid so farming is difficult, and it does not enjoy tourism industry support. Most island inhabitants live below the poverty line.
The RCBS Goat Project started in May 2013 in collaboration with Dr. Bayu of the FNPF.  Farmers were selected and they received ‘Nubian’ goats under a two-year micro-credit loan scheme.
In 2015, the project’s performance was re-examined and a new tougher breed of goats (“Kampang Kacang”) was introduced. FNPF also undertook medical observation of the eating and breeding habits, and general goat well-being was closely monitored.
With this new approach, the club is optimistic that it can increase existing stocks and introduce the program into new areas of the island where regular and sustainable income is so desperately needed.

Rotary Club Activity

Rotary International
Rotary International offers a broad range of humanitarian, intercultural, and educational programs and activities designed to improve the human condition and advance the organization's ultimate goal of world understanding and peace. Nine Structured Programs and nine Service Opportunities help clubs and districts achieve their service goals in their own communities and in communities abroad, fostering fellowship and goodwill in the process.

Rotary Club of Bali Seminyak

The Rotary Club of Bali Seminyak is involved in various projects around Bali including but not limited to those listed below. Some of the projects listed below have their own webpage explaining our involvement and showing photo's of those who have benefited from our work. Our website is constantly being revised and refined so feel free to bookmark any pages of interest.

To follow a link look for and click on the symbol to see the project webpage. Note: Whilst the pictures displayed are examples of real life cases we advise parents exercise discretion before allowing children under 18 to view them. If you have any comments or personal expertise you would like to share with us, or if you would like to offer your assistance with any of our projects we would be pleased to hear from you. To send us an email simply click on the envelope symbols.
Current Projects
Current Global Grants
  • GG#1410647
  • District Number 3420 (Qualified)
  • Water, Sanitation and Basic Hygiene Training for Five Elementary Schools in Puhu Village, Payangan District, Gianyar Regency, Bali
  • Over 600 children, about 50 teachers and an unknown number of parents will be affected by this project.  It is estimated that the project will take 18 to 24 months to complete.  The project budget is set at US$46,000.
  • Provide consistent water supply to the five schools
  • Insure there are functional toilets in all schools
  • Training for students and teachers about keeping toilets clean
  • Washbasins built at strategic locations in all schools
  • Three rounds of basic hygiene training with an emphasis on hand washing.The third round of training will be done by the Puskesmas when all children(and parents if they come) will be examined by doctors and dentists.Where medicine is required it will be dispensed by Puskesmas nurses.
  • Evaluations for all the above by volunteer Evaluator.
  • Water filters will be placed at all schools and teachers will be trained to maintain them.
  • Health and hygiene grade appropriate books and book cases in which to store them will be placed in all classrooms.
  • Global Grant Application # GG1527393
    District Number 3420 (Qualified)
    Otonomi Program/Water/RCBS Host Partner /Intl. Partners RC of Sainte Foy Quebec. Canada.
    On the Island of Flores, Ngada district, NTT province , Indonesia
    Lekolodo, Wolokoro-Kajuala, Naru-TPST, Manu Barah, Damu, Marotauk, Ruki, Tiwuriwu, Kuruboko, Thado (Dusun Bajo)
    To provide clean water to as many villages as possible on the Island of Flores Indonesia. The villagers do not have access to safe water, by providing them clean drinking water, we will help them to diminish water-borne diseases for all. Water
    access is a basic need for all the families in the villages. The water distribution network is planned to make sure that the distribution of water is fair for everybody .Water access is the first step in community development.
    T           Total Population:  10 villages : 5,068 persons
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