Ronny Tome - The Project Garden of Life
Thank you to Hon.member Daniel Elber for a most interesting presentation last week on what's happening in the Muntiguning Project/Organisation | Verein Zukunft für Kinder
Great progress has been made and this in fact largely due to Daniel and his focus and dedication to the villagers of Muntiguning.
The Lunch Meeting Minutes including the above will be available shortly on the website.
Guest Speaker for Wednesday 4th May, 2016
Mr. Ronny Tome
Ronny Tome was born in Hochsauerland in Nordrhein Westfalen and arrived in Bali in June 1995.
The Project GARDEN OF LIFE was developed with his business partner Mario Hintermayer. 
They were looking into creating a meaningful project to be build on their land in Tabanan to help develop the area in a sustainable way by understanding the problems that Bali is facing related to tourism and the lack of adequate infrastructure to deal with ever rising visitor numbers.
The result was a non-profit oriented project, to be supported by the global community and aimed at sending out a positive message to the world, that the people of Bali regardless of faith, origin or background can come together and tackle the challenges united.
At the same time, to raise funds for the underpriviliged and people in need, by creating a tourist destination owned by the Foundation, to ensure a constant cash flow through revenues, supporting partner charities in Bali and therefore allowing those charities to focus on expanding their help rather than spending their time looking for
constant donations and funding. The idea of the Garden of Life was born.