On March 3, Project ‘Hands for Tista’ had a super terrific kick off where everyone had a great time.  Aimed at giving ten poverty level families the opportunity to create a source of income, each family was given a female piglet.  As the piglets reach adulthood, they’ll be introduced to a male pig whose job is to happily impregnate each of them. 
Half of this next generation of piglets will then be shared with other poverty level families and, over time, MANY families will benefit from this project.  What will make these pigs valuable is what they’ll be fed.  These families cannot afford to buy pig feed so they will eat only what can be harvested from the local plant growth.  The net result is a leaner and truly delicious pig!  
This project is located in Desa Tista, close to Amla Pura, in Karangasem Regency.  The brilliant idea for this project came from RCBS President Elect Nominee, Erika Sedana, who leads the project.  The ‘piggy distribution’ is only one part of a multi-part project meant to improve the health and livelihood of extremely poor families in this region. 
Already completed was a two day vision screening clinic by John Fawcett Foundation.  All local children and adults were invited to participate and the end results were great!  X # of people, young and old, were given glasses, X # were given medical treatment and X # of adults diagnosed with cataracts had surgery....all at no cost. 
What’s next?  Stay tuned to hear about replacing ancient and falling down teeny tiny one room homes, frequently housing more than one family.  Also coming is growing plants that can be made into tasty snacks and sold in the market...a move from poverty to entrepreneurship.